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Ceyhan and 34 km away from the seaside resort city of Adana in the ovary, in the district are the remains of the ancient city of Aegean. On a small island located approximately 200 meters off the coast, the ruins of the city can be monitored Aegae.

Ovarian beach is very suitable for swimming. Small but very clean and the families who have been the choice is not too crowded beach. Environment, small hotels, hostels and there are fish restaurants.

Ancient Greek for "goat" is derived from the word meaning AIKS Aigeai, Ayas was dominated by Arabs, Venetians, moved during the Lajazzo names. The name has been used in the Ayas from the Ottoman period.

Aigea (Ayas-egg), north of the BC IV. Dara is the last quarter century, Alexander the Great, Emperor of Persia after the defeat of the plain between today's Iskenderun Dortyol Macedonian successors to Alexander the Great's commanders, as a port city, was founded by.

Ancient Greek city, "goat" is derived from the word meaning AIKS Aigeai name was given to Alexander the Great's army during the march against Dara'ya when it comes to this region, in the face of Persia finds a huge army and attacked the garrison at night, torches tied goats' horns, giving the impression that you are connected with the abduction of a As the legendary history of Alexander the period described by the authors. BC I. Century, the most brilliant period of history began to experience the city's name printed on the coins of the Hellenistic period, the reason this story is due to a relief of goats.

In recognition of all the Mediterranean countries Aigeai'nin the ancient world's most important to be here in one of three hospitals and health care in this facility is due to the presence in this city, the temple of the god Askiepios. Askiepios temple and around the hospital, the city has become a major source of income.

The city, through the transfer of the Roman Empire in Anatolia and Mesopotamia to Syria, on the main road is a very important naval base, many of the Roman Emperor, have faced the east, to make the journey here. The city, therefore, given to him by the Roman emperors, as well as the name of Aigeai Hadriane, Kommodiane, Severiane, Aleksandrapolis and Makrinopolis also carried names such as the honorific. Thus Aigeai has become one of the most important ports in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire, and one great emperor Constantine, who made witchcraft Askiepios temples, citing all the orders for the destruction of the temples of the god of health, MS Instead of completely demolishing the temple in 326 Askiepios a church was built.

VII-X centuries, the city completely destroyed in the wars between the Arabs and the Byzantine XI. Ayas from the diocese became the center of a century the name of a famous trading port of the Mediterranean in this period, maintaining the distinction of being one of Ayaş'ta land on the island in the harbor and a castle was built in 1201 two Genoese, the Venetians Ayaş'ta 1261'de establish a commercial colony have had the privilege.

Maritime trade in the hands of the city's main source of income that the Venetians, the city adlandırmaktaydılar Lajazzo. Marco Polo visited the city in 1268, the harbor is full of Venetian and Genoese merchants, and their silk, wool, grain, and mentions the spice trade. Marco Polo visited the city a second time will return to China in 1271. Venedikli'ye Genoese traders running commercial trips to the interior of Cilicia, where they used to do it and the original one had subsidize churches.

Later, the city many times, Ayas, Mamluks, changed hands between Venetians and Genoese. After the Armenian Kingdom of Ayas in 1374 passed into the hands of the Mamluks in 1517, Sultan Selim of the Ottoman Empire came under the sovereignty of the Egyptian expedition.

The period of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, all the walls of the city's west side Ayas'ın repaired today, "Solomon's Tower" is a small tower built called. The article ebcet account the history of the tower, built in 1536 by H. 943 and that this date coincides with the Gregorian calendar.

Another historic heritage of the city, stronghold of girls. Girl from the sea at the mouth of the harbor entrance with castle castle Ayas date is located on the side of the island. Girl castle in the late classical period set out the research. Girl fortress protecting the city suffered major attacks, but used to as a customs control center.

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