Visit To Turkey

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The city is located 3 km on the south of Gazipasa, about 45 km away from Alanya. The city is on a skirt of hill extending to the sea in an elbow shape. The acropolis of the city is found on the hill. There is a cradle vaulted, two-roomed bath iat the point where Selinus (Haci Musa) meets the sea. The columns of Agora on the sea side have been lost, but stylobat traces can still be seen. Further east from Agora, a building with apsis can be seen. It is extremely likely that the building was established in a religious temple. There is a monumental structure on the east of the church. The entrance door, being the only Islamic structure of the city, is surrounded with zigzag motives of Lescuklu which are presented in a colourful manner. These must have been the ruins of a mansion. There is a tomb structure present in the cemetery, which is nekropol of the city. This shows that the custom of burial in the best possible way was also used here. Some parts of the water canals of the region still survive to this day. The Roman Emperor Traianus died in the city; his ashes were buried in Rome. The ruins date back from Roman, Byzantine and Middle Ages.