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Florya is a settlement at the coast of the Marmara sea, between Yesilkoy and Kucukcekmece. It is known to be a small fisherman's haven. With Ataturk taking interest, Florya started to gain some importance and became a summer resort.

The pavilion, which was projected by architect Seyfi Arkan as per the request of the Istanbul municipality on 1935, was constructed as a summer house for Ataturk. And during the same year, on the 14th of August, it was opened for usage. During the months of June and July 1936, for quite a while, the Great Leader lived in this pavilion. He used it for political and scientific meetings and entertained prominent guests such as the King of England, Edward VIII and Madame Simpson.

The pavilion was used for last time by Ataturk, on 28 May 1938. After his death, the pavilion was used by the Republic's Presidents İsmet İnönü, Celal Bayar, Cemal Gürsel, Cevdet Sunay, Fahri Korutürk and Kenan Evren.

This building compound was transferred to The Office of the National Palaces which is connected to the Turkish Grand National Assembly by the Presidency on the 16th of September 1988. After its restoration, it was converted to the Ataturk Museum, and a permanent photograph exhibition under the topic of 'Ataturk in Istanbul' was formed. On the other hand, various publications were introduced, put on sale in one section of the pavilion. The Aide's and the Secretariat buildings have been restored and converted to social facilities for the use of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. A new building was constructed in the previously unoccupied area between these two buildings to accommodate a cafeteria and a restaurant. The garden was also arranged to serve as an open air cafeteria.