Visit To Turkey

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Our country's name is mentioned in the basement most of the holiday resorts. This most famous of Bodrum, Bodrum Halicarnassus Fisherman and there spent a large part of the year housing tutup writer - to draw presentation owes. The many stories and novels in Bodrum, Bodrum has explained numerous poems and songs. Increasing fame, the fame, the crowds increased in Bodrum a famous poet, author, artist, or is likely to encounter. Bodrum's fame is not only here but of course ...

Sponger and love of the sea captains and fishermen and white badanalı homes, houses with walls wrapped in purple-flowered Begonvil, but not in the surrounding bays and the most ardent gündoğumuna pull it out at night reputation adds to the reputation of Bodrum.

Bodrum is not only a religion in order. Holidays always fun to participate. Is divided into two vacation days in the basement. Put into the sea during the day is a blue, bright sun and night preparing to religion is in bitterness. The stars in the sky and graced the set of the day a new life when the call is heard. It is not possible to listen to this call congestion. Bodrum is the night that the call ...

Coastal neck, surrounding villages and coves, white-shore badanalı houses are stacked on the streets, the slopes are ready for the night in the restaurants. Anyone find a place in the basement according to your own heart to spend the evening. There is also a fisherman tavern, pizzeria, too. There are places that are later chapters, rock music too ...

Between Bodrum and Gumbet at sea to enter Bardakçı dark suit, is a bay away from the crowds and noise. Yachts and boats daily work is the place to connect.

Just over the county seat Gumbet Bodrum, the hotel is the concentration area. Gümbet'in name, many in the region comes from the white damlı cistern. City center is the nearest and most popular beach and the crowds are growing in a short time Gumbet. Bars, restaurants and entertainment places, and each day a little more Bodum'a competitors to replicate. Bodrum's night life for those who want to participate in the full 24 hours of work in summer.

Water sports are very suitable for water sports centers Gümbet'te Bodrum Peninsula are the most popular.

With clean sea and beaches in the next Gümbet'in Bitez is one of Bodrum's beautiful beaches. Bodrum Peninsula in the vicinity, even the best place to surf in Bitez Turkey. Unlike the calm and peaceful environment in the basement and Gümbet'in to punctuate the night Bitez is a good choice.

The longest beach of Bodrum Ortakent Yalısı'dır Yahşi. 12 km away from Bodrum center. with other parts of the peninsula by the sea Ortakent much is clear, and so are rewarded with blue flag. Back to Bodrum road is full of citrus orchards in the villages of Ortakent life still continues.

Turgutreis Bodrum center is the largest settlement. Turgut Reis great sailors in the name of the captain from the area of town also have a statue. Turgutreis the front fork of the island, the winds favorable for surfing, with coolness and hotels suitable for every budget competitor to Bodrum. Around the advanced agricultural Turgutreis'te as tangerine, fig and grapes are abundant. Generation of large and small teams on the island Sporat four islands, are ranked in the face of Turgutreis. Kos (the city) and the Greek islands, such as Kalynos is located next to them.

City Center 18 km. away Yalikavak, Bodrum is the site of the icons you can see the most yeldeğirmenlerinin. Bodrum Peninsula is the most windy place in the region. Around the Fox thing, Pasha is a beautiful and wide sandy beaches and coves Ağaçbaşı vardır. In early morning and walk back into the sea in rage Cove to is very enjoyable. Morning for a walk about 2 km Yalikavak'ın. in remote villages Sandima choose edilebilir.Yalıkavak 'ta Yalıkavak market was established on Thursday, especially Denizli fabrics are most in demand products.