Visit To Turkey

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Travelling is one of the most effective ways to improve their personalities, discover new places and lives/cultures and create good social relationships for the young. Tourism ensures you to Iearn while travelling.

Therefore, public and private sectors are to undertake providing safe, clean, inexpensive recreational areas and resorts in order to promote the participation of the young into tourism. The dormitory included in this guide essentially serves for the young of higher education during the academic year. In addition to this, TUREMs (tourism training centres) are boarding schools for vocational training. Both organizations aim to facilitate temporary accommodation for the national and foreign young people. The information about forest camps of the Ministry of Forestry and Youth Camps of Directorate General of Youth and Sports and also the facilities offering special discounts for the young are included in the guide.

The young, national or foreigner, travelling for any reason in the country can only benefit from the facilities provided when they abide by the rules specified.

General Regulations

1- There is time limitation for benefiting from the organizations included in the guide.

2- There is age-limit.

3- The applications will directly be made to the addresses or telephones of the facilities.

Cesme - Camp - Caravan

The Grand (Büyük Liman) and Paşa Harbor coves are excellent places to camp for summer residences. The natural beaches and camping areas in the region of Ildırı, the ancient city of Erythrai, are perfect for those wanting a touch of history and nature.