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Bosphorus Cruise
Europe and Asia in the narrow Bosphorus is the name. The narrow straits, connects the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara about 30 km length., 21 kilometers in length. This works for NE and SW direction and 700 meters width changing For over 3500 of 0.45 mph. The 2 mile wide. Depth is typically 50-75 meters, 150-200 meters to 100 meters, but some points is to reach 300 meters. The sea currents are two, one of the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara and the surface density is low salt works because of two sea level difference is not correct. From the other side lies opposite the incoming current, deep in the way of the Black Sea. Because of dangerous currents and a narrower and shortness of pilots, all ships passing the Straits should be.
Bosphorus Cruise, because it is a great opportunity to meet on both sides of Istanbul-Istanbul must for visitors to see the tour. However, Eminönü, port number 3 (Strait Line) municipal ferry has run three times daily. The first ferry 10:35 am () runs all year round, a second is at 12:00 and 1:35 AM the end is. Summer (only) as. The ferry is a traditional interior and exterior was a chair inside. And the ferry movement, the first Besiktas, the city, the city will make the stop. This can be seen here Dolmabahçe.
Then beautiful homes you see throughout Europe Yakası, Ciragan Palace and 19th on the road and early 20th C. many beautiful buildings, the ferry was built before the Sultan Mehmed II in 1452 that Istanbul was conquered by the great fortress Europe. Then, the old Turkish houses restored ferry moves Asian Side (Yali) and you can see the water. Strait, as any lower, so it may be close to home so that sea level is to hide tide. Then ferry "Kanlıca", a very nice village, which goes to the famous yogurt. And Yenikoy "for Europe to stop by late and do another. Yenikoy, Turkey's former prime minister Tansu Çiller Ladies large Yali (restored old Turkish house) are available. Then ferry back to Europe again to resolve Asian sides, and then, a fishing village known as the "Sarıyer". A severe, he may leave the ferry and the town came and asked if a day or enjoy a walk after Sarıyer, he can stay until a ferry Anadolukavagi income. This is a great place for fish, fresh vegetables, fruits and raki, the traditional Turkish drink. After two hours, ferry back to Eminonu, the ferry will come here.
On board a ferry, fresh orange juice, apple tea, regular tea and yogurt are sold by a waiter you have high .... "Orange juuuice, apppleee teeeaaa, yoghııırt ...