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Eastern Roman Empire in the era in Sultanahmet Square, the most famous Byzantine church after VII.yüzyıldan living historians who have older Constantinus transfer was made (326) had lived before the historian (especially Socrates) church of the son of the emperor Constantinus' un is doing and 15 October in the year 360 God ' the author is either candidate. There is no definite information on the structure. New churches and palaces of the city's largest church is the "megalo Ekklesia" (United Church) would have been an. But starting later V.yüzyıldan "Hagia Sophia" (Holy Wisdom) was the name and was an all in this name during the Byzantine era. The time of the Turks the "Saint Sophia", or translated.

The first structure of a civil commotion during the next 20 June 404'te Emperor Theodosius II, the re-construction work of the church by the architect Roufinos'a verdi.Yine example basilica church remains today of the October 8 415'te ring church of Hagia Sophia açıldı.Bu west in 1935 in the yard The excavations at the St. Sophia's çıkarılmıştır.Mimar Roufinos'un a very short lifetime Nika riots during the oldu.14 January 532'de all again and it's yandı.İmparator St.Sophia İustinianos ever seen and decided to do a richness and size immediately be drawn to plan and carry out work to başladı.Yapının job as a mathematician Tralleisli (Aydın) Anthemios with Miletoslu (Milet) İsidoros'a Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem verildi.İmparator church to be larger and more ornate church of such istiyordu.Yanan is insufficient for a structure were made to purchase new fire place and corrected. Against fire and earthquake of the new structure to be more durable than wood are used as possible. Required materials are available from all regions of the empire, especially the marble was chosen to scan all the Mediterranean countries. Construction workers were in the thousand master, and ten thousand. 23 December 27 December 532'de church began with a ceremony and public 537'de has been completed. But 22 years after the construction İustinianos without dying as a result of an earthquake as large sections of the dome collapsed. (558) This time the repair of the dome as the emperor gave the young İsidoros'a. 625 m. before the new dome was higher and side walls for added support. However, this structure with the necessary repairs could not access the static resistance. He is in danger of being destroyed, and repaired Basileios I was. (869) 986'da dome was destroyed once again and the repair was an architect named Tridodos St.Sophia May 13 994'te re-opened to the public.

IV. Western Christians entering the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul crusader army to another religion if it were destroyed and sacked as the temples. (1204) This is why Christians do evil Hagia Sophia was the largest to.

After taking the city back in Paleologlar west face of the restorations were made to the support wall. (1261) in Andronikos II era (1317) has been strengthened with outside support from the wall. 31 years later, again with help from the people destroyed the dome has been repaired. Castilla came to Istanbul, the envoy of the King (1402) has fallen out of the gate structure has been in a wretched state.

When Hagia Sophia in Istanbul Turks 1453'te in this case, the best preserved Ottoman era buldular.Ayasofya after the most respected and sacrifice won the construction quality. The first Friday prayers there made Fatih mosque and church was ordered to be surrounded. An altar to the east of the apside kondu del by a wooden dome of the minaret was sitting. Essential structure and interior of Hagia Sophia mosaics graced the human figures have not been touched. These are then covered by the wash has been in the legal transfer. However, the brick minaret called Fatih transferred to the southwest and the minaret minaret Bayezid II era structures in the western onarıldı.Kuzeybatıdaki thin thick minaret in the Selim II era has been added by Mimar Sinan, and the building was demolished around the house. Mimar Sinan in danger of collapse, showing a new era Hagia Sophia Murat III by adding support wall being demolished saved. Section of school libraries and sıbyan Şadırvan muvakkithane I. Mahmutlar was built on time. One of the largest restoration of Hagia Sophia was the period of Abdülmecit. (1847-1849) Swiss architect Gaspar work Fossati management during the last two years has been robust and has been renewed dome. Hagia Sophia and the prince's treasury of the tomb of the Ottoman sultans are located. These II.Selim Sultan Sultan III.Mehmet Sultan III. Murat I. And the tomb of Mustafa Sultan Ibrahim. Sultan I. Mahmut 'un Şadırvan of the sıbyan school in imaretikütüphanesi Ayasofya Sultan Abdülmecid'in Hunkar Mahfi with muvakkithane examples of Turkish and the tomb in the age of the hardware tiles and architecture are the most beautiful examples of classical Ottoman tomb tradition.

Maintenance and repair work on the Republic of Hagia Sophia after the sürmüştür. Atatürk's request, a decision of the Council of Ministers on 24 October 1934 Hagia Sophia was converted into a museum and today was given format.

One of the most important milestones St.Sophia create architectural history of the era is indebted to the extraordinary daring design. With a dome in the east and west of Central nefi the addition of the two half-domes on earth is the first of this kind of mask. But very early in an experiment that includes some unsolved problems was wrong. Cover not only system with giant size St.Sophia age is a challenge can be considered.

Byzantine architecture of St. Sophia on a process is initiated. In later years, to the Byzantine architects, such as Hagia Sophia yinelemekleri also did not lead. Unlike the Byzantine architecture of St. Sophia is considered a masterpiece of all time is not exceeded. Some researchers him too late to be early Byzantine structure are seen as the period of Roman buildings. Raises the reconstruction of St. Sophia with the conquest of Istanbul but that was the Ottoman architecture. Especially in the Ottoman architect Sinan, such as Hagia Sophia, not the ruins of a dead civilization in the form of a giant architectural achievement thousand years and never seen him try and try and Şehzade two large structures, such as the Süleymaniye mosque could overcome. For this reason only of Rome and the Byzantine Hagia Sophia's not a component is considered to be the Ottoman civilization. Saint Sophia's has initiated the process of completing the Ottomans.

Ayasofya mimarlık bakımından olduğu kadar mozaikleri ile de önemlidir. The figures for the same period mosaic ikonoklazm period (726-843) has been destroyed. Therefore, today all of the mosaic IX. and later to remain for years. This mosaic of these was described by Jesus in the arms of Mary Theotokos. The two major cities on both sides of the Byzantine emperor was made to the Hagia Sophia İustinianos with Constantinous was animated. Drop-in inner door nartekste on bended knees before the throne of Jesus sitting in the Leon VI. 'T describe the mosaic will be found. Bema belt wearing in the palace is decorated with a figure of archangel. But the most beautiful mosaics in Hagia Sophia in the south wall in the gallery "Deisis" (appeal) is the scene. With the addition of Mary, the other near a baptism of Jesus, showing the mosaic craftsmanship Yahya and the fineness of faces similar to the intense expression is one of the most valuable.

Similar as with many legends on the Hagia Sophia has said. These are a part of the Christian era was born after the victory. A large part of the legend of the Christian era construction of Hagia Sophia is on. Planning and the help of the angels said to do. Construction on the northwest corner of the capillary tube to absorb the water in the ground with a column that is constantly sweating. People say this column was sacred to touch on the finger tapping has a hole. According to rumors the church into a mosque when the finger hole by Hızır and the church was converted to the direction of Kaaba. According to Evliya Çelebi in the big door with the direction towards the middle door of the ruins of Noah's Ark According to a legend yapılmıştır.Yine Kadir is said to come here by night Hızır.

Used as a mosque for 916 years the church 481 years to challenge this unique structure as a century in Istanbul, will continue in existence longer.

Architectural Structure
VI. century, who was living in Prokopius' by a dome of Hagia Sophia in that much air that is almost heaven hang a gold sphere are as defenseless. Hagia Sophia in 70 mx 100 m in size in the sub-structure 30 m wide 55 m high dome is covered. Dome's own height of 138 meters is the bricks are made of 40 ribs. These are 110 m wide and 40 feet from the window seat, and feet are. Construction of the walls of a big pop smoothly and reduces the weight of the structure inside and gives plenty of light. It creates its own light is like your own. Indeed, the first influence of Byzantine art into one of the important features of the light shadow play. Moreover, the building has been sitting on 107 units column. There are 67 columns in the top 40 at the bottom.

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