Visit To Turkey

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Amasya Museum, which displays more than 20.000 relics, handicrafts, figurines and other remains from the Hittite, Roman, Seljukid and Ottoman periods, was first founded in 1925 confined in two rooms, which had belonged to Beyazıt Külliyesi II, in the form of storage. The current building has been in service since 1980.

The figurine of Teshup, the Hittite Storm-God, which was found in the excavations around Doğantepe in 1962, is today on display and enjoys great international fame. Other god figurines and remains discovered during the excavations of Boğazköy-Yazılıkaya Temple, are also among the significant assets of the museum. The mummies from the Islamic (Ilhanli) period of Anatolia preserved in the tomb of Sultan Mesut I are equally significant.

Having improved greatly since its foundation, the Amasya Museum has grown to be the museum which has the most modern and richest variety in the region, and has thus contributed greatly to Turkey's culture tourism.