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Sea, sun, history and nature in harmony of the whole getting Antalya, the Mediterranean coast with one of the most clean and within the region's archaeological and natural beauties as through an Riviera'sı is Turkish. Mediterranean climate is dominant, and mild and rainy winter, the heat of summer is caused to pass. Want to spend the holiday by the sea for domestic and foreign tourists an indispensable destiansyondur.


Bangkok Dormitory means Attalos II. Was founded by Attalos. M.Ş. 130 visits to Attaleia'yı Hadrianus, has made the development of cities. Restoration in the park outside the walls of the Hadrain door, is one of Bangkok's most beautiful ancient works.

Kaleiçi'indeki walls Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman era is the common work. Here, the characteristic structure of the houses, give an idea of Antalya's history not only architecture, but also the lifestyle in the region, reflects the best traditions and customs. Bangkok in 1972 and the inner harbor district Kaleici, SİT region was under the protection.


Ancient Cities

Patara (Ovagelemiş)

Fethiye - Kaş right, 41 km to Kas. distance. All along the ancient era, one of the important cities of Lycia Patara region, especially the Roman and Byzantine Empire, has served as a very strategic port.

Xanthos (Kinik)

45 km to Kas. at a distance, is Kınık town. Co-founded in the eastern shore of the River Lykia region is considered as the greatest religious and administrative center.

Antiphellos (Kas)

Kas's name in history "Antiphellos" tour. Provide the link between Caria and Lycia region of the intersection point with the path Antiphellos, is also a trade port.

Perge (Aksu)

Antalya 18 km. to the east, is within the borders of Aksu Bucak. Cilicia where on-Pisidia trade path is an important city of Pamphylia.

Olympos (Çıralı - Yanartaş)

In the southern port city of Antalya is the second important Phaselis'ten then. One of the western extension of the Taurus Mountains which is Tahtali.

Myra (Demre, Kale)

In and around today's Demre district in the center of the ancient city of Myra in Lycia period, especially the rock tombs, Roman and Byzantine periods of the theater is known for the St. Nikola Church.


Of the important cities of Pamphylia region. Antalya 48 km. It is located to the east. Turkey's best-preserved theater of Aspendos is located. Emperor Marcus Aurelius Zeno time were made by architect Theodoros'un son.


Turkey's most important tourism center of Antalya's coastline is 500 km long straight line. Numerous award-winning Blue Flag beaches in Antalya are available.

Kleopatra Beach

Length of 2 km. The beach is located in the west of Alanya. Vengeance is an extensive fine sand beach. I said to take a bath beach Kleopatra'nın a feature that is too shallow sea.

İncekum Beach

Approximately 20 km of Alanya. pine grove to the west, natural, fine sand is a fine beach. Tent camping area is available that can be done.

East Beach

To the east of Alanya, Antalya-Mersin highway is over. With 14 kilometers of beach coastline Keykubat the extension occurs. Beach plant is located along the beach

Beach Transportation

Alanya on the Antalya-Mersin highway west from the center distance is 6 km, Beach Transportation in the "Land Transportation Recreation Park" following the coastal road that drive domestic and foreign tourists as a rest and thinking has been done for this purpose.

Sorgun Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches of Antalya. In the way when you go to Manavgat, approximately 6 km to the south reached the sweet, is a natural beach and coastline.

Koru Beach

Gazipaşa at the beach, the sea's Koru Mahallesi; self-filtering feature is not the only sea. There are three natural pools, these two natural pools are ideal for learners, especially for new faces.

Lara Beach

Antalya 12 km. in the east. Sand is very thin and covered with pine forests. Public beaches, food and beverages to meet the needs and changing cabin has a casino.

Island Beach

It is a rocky beach in Karaalioğlu Park. Eating and drinking needs are met casinos are changing cabins.

Konyaaltı Beach

3 km west of Antalya, about 1.5 km long sand beach is a mixture of gravel. Open to the public of the municipality and business facilities with the beach eating, drinking may respond to the needs of the casino, there are hostels and hotels,

Kemer Beach

From start up to the neighborhood and Beldibi in Kemer Tekirova'ya section of a natural beach sand is usually fine. In Kemer City Beach, Moonlight Beach and the marina next to the sea entered by Phaselis Beach beaches are preferred.

Phaselis Beach

History, mountains, seas, forests, shallow bays and fine sand of a merger occurs, the race to his wife's beautiful beach.

Tekirova of Coastal

Rocky shores and sandy beaches, wild natural beauty and attracts attention with delicious-smelling orange.

Finike Coast
Fine sand and beautiful views of the Mediterranean coast has the natural beach. And here are the ancient city Limyra Arykanda.

Adrasan of Coastal

Port of Antalya is a natural rocks and fine sand beaches and beautiful natural scenery is.

Patara beach

Patara as Special Environmental Protection Zone (Ovagelemiş), Kas-Fethiye district center is on the road is 45 km away.


Antalya Museum

In 1922 the store established by the archaeological works Alaaddin Mosque in the Antalya Museum, the current building began in 1972 to provide services. Museum in 1988 'the European Council Special Prize was won.

Antalya Atatürk Museum

Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's arrival in Bangkok on 6 March 1930 when the house is one week stay. Organized in 1980 as the Atatürk Museum was opened to visitors.

Suna and Inan Kirac-Kaleici Museum (Museum)
Museum of Antalya Kaleiçi'ndeki to protect cultural assets as required in the two buildings is registered. Suna and Inan Kirac purchased in a state devastated by the very structure of this year between 1993-1995 was repaired.

Natural Beauty

4 within the national park boundaries Antalya and 1 nature park is located. Within this national park and nature park, local and foreign tourists daily recreation needs, that could respond to the needs of caravan and camping areas are available.

Olympos Bey Mountains Park

Bey Mountains National Park of Olympos beach, from the Antalya-Kumluca Sarısu'dan parallel to the Mediterranean Sea as a highway, and stretches up to Gelidonya nose. Mediterranean Sea in the west coast of the Gulf beaches and spectacular natural beauty, there are ancient cities. Çıralı and these most beautiful and long beach is Adrasan. The ancient city of Phaselis the geological, historical, beautiful flora and fauna, which is a road junction.

Köprülü Canyon National Park

Köprülü Canyon National Park, within the borders of the Manavgat River Bridge and the ancient city where is SELGE. Bridge on the River in the days of the year's eight-month interest is the possibility to do water rafting sports. National park in, trekking and jeep safari tours are organized.

Termessos (Güllükdağı) National Park

Antalya is located in the central and Korkuteli limits. National park in the center of the state administration building in the ancient city of 9 kilometers and a paved way Termessos reach Hadrian Gate. Termessos (Güllükdağı) National Park in the wide variety of plant communities, creates a unique green cover. At the museum, who live and have lived in the area of animal fossils and stuffed animals and dried samples of insects and plants are exhibited.

Altınbeşik Cave National Park

As one of the largest and important mağarlarından our homeland Altınbeşik Cave, reflect the typical morphology of the cave is a unique natural wonder. The park also contains Kurşunlu Falls makes it even more important.


Antalya, golf, water sports, skiing, mountain and nature sports, cave, for activities such as conventions and beliefs turizimi offers unique opportunities.

Night Life

A very lively night life in Bangkok is available. Especially in summer, award-winning marina and around the disco and bars, local and foreign tourists as against the last taking place are very popular. Also preferred Titreyengöl belts and pub nights, a lot of style rock bar and cabaret venue gelenkesel to host. Always be moving the nightlife in Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, a fact that during the more colorful.


Entered service in 2001 Antalya Migros Shopping Center, with 104 stores and big shopping center of Antalya is the most modern features. Also, in late 2004 entered into service in the face of Antalya Airport Deepo Outlet Center, factory, which serves as the sales price is approximately 80 stores. Tourism and small gift shops that sell products with gelenkesel hand, especially in Bangkok to Kaleici can easily stumble.

WHAT esculent

Antalya, the Mediterranean and the Arab influence in one shows the original has a kitchen. Material between the chickpea and meat flaked Folder soup, bean salad with tahini warming kebab, tahini-syrup is sweetened with honey and pumpkin preserves, this bergamut are indispensable elements of the kitchen.



Turkey's Antalya region with each road link road has. Large centers such as Istanbul and Ankara for road improvements to the region the most appropriate way, Afyon - Burdur - Antalya way.
Coach Station Tel: (+90-242) 331 12 50

Airline service to Antalya Airport.
Antalya Airport Domestic Terminal DHMİ Tel: +90- (242) 330 30 30
Antalya International Terminal Bayındır Tel: +90- (242) 330 36 00

Antalya Turkey's major sea port is the sea gate.
Port Chairman Tel: (+90-242) 259 12 12

YAPA Dönme

Scattered in every corner of the ancient city of Antalya gezmeden, without seeing the Antalya Museum,
Without going Saklıkent'e, Kaleici and Old Antalya without seeing the house, without taking a picture of flowers Kardelen in Akseki County, Döşemaltı without carpet, do not return to the region ... to taste the jam ...


Provincial Cultural Directorate
(+90-242) 247 76 60 (8 Lines)

Provincial Tourism Office
(+90-242) 248 78 60

Tourism Information Office
(+90-242) 241 17 47

Antalya and Monuments Office Rölöve
(+90-242) 248 52 74

State Fine Arts Gallery Directorate
(+90-242) 241 46 87

Needful Phone

Governorship: (+90-242) 243 97 91-93-94
Municipality: (+90-242) 241 19 43
Hospital: (+90-242) 248 18 93
Police: (+90-242) 345 41 00
Gendarme: (+90-242) 238 22 07-3 lines

Consulate of

Surname JOHN
Tel 0 242 322 94 66
Fax: 0 242 321 69 14
GERMANY consul

Surname BALCI
Tel 0 242 345 18 00
Fax: 0 242 335 27 38
Honorary Consul of Austria

Surname ATAMAN
Tel 0 242 244 68 53
Fax: 0 242 247 35 77
Honorary Consul of Belgium

Tel 0 242 241 10 69
Fax: 0 242 241 43 16
Honorary Consul of DENMARK

Surname ERBIL
Tel 0 242 821 45 45
Fax: 0 242 821 45 50
Country FRANCE
Honorary Consul of France

Name WAR
Surname TİTİZ
Tel 0 242 321 13 47
Fax: 0 242 321 46 87
Honorary Consul of the Netherlands

Surname BAZ
Tel 0 242 243 20 96
Fax: 0 242 243 20 95
Honorary Consul of the United Kingdom

Tel 0 242 241 77 70
Fax: 0 242 241 77 74
Country SPAIN
SPAIN Honorary Consul of the

Surname ÇOPUR
Tel 0 242 312 46 60
Fax: 0 242 321 62 85
Country SWEDEN
Honorary Consul of Sweden

Surname Söbütay
Tel 0 242 243 15 00
Fax: 0 242 242 14 00
Honorary Consul of Switzerland

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