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The balloon sport, whose initial existence in the world reaches to the end of 18th century, is also rapidly drawing attention in our country. For long years, as well as being performed with the aim of individual sports, city tours with balloons are also performed during regional activities in touristic regions of our country.

These balloons take off when heated liquid propane gas filled into it. You can stay on air for long periods with a calm flight under appropriate wind (under 10 km/h). Directing the balloon, when its flight altitude is within appropriate range (which is between 500 - 1500 feet), altitude gain and loss and any change its speed can be made easily by an experienced pilot.

Structure of the Balloon

There are propane gas tubes, an altimeter, a thermometer, a wireless for communication with airport, a variometer and fire extinguishers in the basket, manufactured from "vimin", which is a light and synthetic material, whose function is to carry and support the passangers of the balloon.

The propane tubes, each weighing approximately 20 kg are located within the basket. These tubes contain propane gas which maintains how much the balloons expand. Each tube providess approximately 40 - 45 minutes of flight possibility to the balloon. The total lifting force of the balloon is around 1.700 pounds.

The take off of the balloon is achieved with the heating of propane gas filled into the balloon via furnaces under it. Furnaces can be 2 or 3 pieces, according to the volume of the balloon. The temperature within the balloon should never exceed 120 degrees.

During the landing of the balloon, a red rope is pulled within it. In this way, activated falling valve ensures that the air within it runs out rapidly. In case of insufficiency of emptying speed of the internal air, an emergency hole at the top of the balloon is opened.

Flight Rules for Foreigners

Prior to the flight in the balloon, the flight aim, the flight date, the flight hour and the flight region must be informed and applied to Ministry of Communication, Civil Aviation General Directorate.

In case of a flight in a balloon exceeding 15 days in our country; licenses of foreign pilots should be validated by Ministry of Communication, Civil Aviation General Directorate.

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