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Köprülü Canyon National Park
Location: Mediterranean Region, Antalya Province, located within the boundaries of Manavgat district of Antalya 49th National Parka km separated by a road km away from the Mediterranean coast gidilir.Bu way Taşağıl'dan ... More
Alacadağ Tabiatı Koruma Alanı Alacadağ Nature Conservation Area
Location: Western Mediterranean Region, Antalya Province, Finike District, is located within the borders of the village Alacadağ. Ulaşım the size of the field: Field 25 km from Finike away... Continued
Altınbeşik Mağarası Milli Parkı Altınbeşik Cave National Park
Location: Antalya province, İbradi (Aydınkent) 7 km from the town. approximately 5 km away from the product of the village.In the southeast, deep and steep slopes in the west of the valley to Manavgat. Location: National ... More
Antalya Mağaraları Antalya Caves
Antalya to Antalya is 26 km away Geyikbayırı villages.Antalya through the village from the west in the direction of Geyikbayırı Çakır you can go to the village. From the center of the village ... More
Av Turizmi Hunting
Antalya region, with its rich flora and climate characteristics, also brings the richness of wildlife.Deer, fox, marten, squirrel, red deer, yabankeçisi, jackal, hyena, ... More
Beydağları Beydağ the
The western extension of the Taurus Mountains Beydağ, Antalya Bay in the west of the north - south direction, extends in parallel to the Gulf.Teke summit, the Bakırdağı, Tahtali Mountains and Girls ... More
Beydağları Sahil Milli Parkı Beydağ the Coast National Park
Location: National Park Antalya - Kemer - Kumluca States from coast road partially, will come partly from inside longitudinally. This way, Mersin - Antalya - Mugla a coastal path ... More
Çığlıkara Tabiatı Koruma Alanı Çığlıkara Nature Conservation Area
Location: Antalya province, Elmali District, Kızılağaç, and Zümrütova within the borders of Tekke Village is located.Nature Conservation Area 15889 Ha Çığlıkara.Ulaşım field: Field to; ... More
Dibek Tabiatı Koruma Alanı Dibek Nature Conservation Area
Location: Western Mediterranean Region, Antalya Province, Kumluca district includes the neighborhood of Dibek. in size.Features: Field which features ancient trees, which ... More
Güllük Dağı (Termessos) Milli Parkı Gulluk Dagi (Termessos) National Park
Location: Antalya province Korkuteli ilçesiUlaşım: Mediterranean Region, Antalya province and the Taurus Mountains in the border town of Korkuteli the national park on the road with Bangkok-Korkuteli ulaşılır.Milli ... More
Kaleiçi Kaleici
Kaleici, and destroy a large part was destroyed as a horseshoe, surrounded by walls internally and externally is. Walls, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman era is the common work... Continued
Karamik Köyü Sediri Village of Cedar Karamik

Location: Antalya, Finike
Feature: 500 years old, 25 m. 8:14 m. long and 1.82 m.width around the cedar tree.

Plant Date: 21.04.1995

Kurşunlu Şelalesi Tabiat Parkı Kurşunlu Falls Nature Park
Mediterranean Region, Central District of Antalya province borders içerisindedir.Nature Park, 22 km from Antalya away. Antalya-Aksu road north from the park Soğucaksu bridge ... More
Köprüçay Köprüçay
The natural wonder of the canyon from the Taurus Mountains that Köprüçay born, will be poured into the Mediterranean in the south of Serik. The two sides stare, almost impossible to go underground in the canyon ... More
Manavgat Çayı Manavgat River
Born 90 km west of the east side of the Taurus. length of the Manavgat River, before entering into the plain of hard conglomerate layer pass over the Mediterranean Sea and Manavgat waterfalls create ... More
Plajlar Beaches
Turkey's most important holiday in the region between Kemer, Belek, Çamyuva, Çıralı and places like Adrasan Kumluca and coves between Antalya and yeralır Phoenician. Antalya city center, near ... More
Saklıkent Saklikent
In the west of Antalya on the Mediterranean region Beydağ, Antalya city centerIt is located in the northwest. Because of proximity to Bangkok in a day than two seasons can be experienced ... More
Sualtı Dalış Underwater Diving
Belt: We found that most of the diving school, our world famous tourist spot, under a variety of alternative diving at the entrance of the harbor in Antalya bulundurmaktadır.Hemen ... More
Ulaşım Transportation
All regions of Turkey with Antalya highway road has road links. Large centers such as Istanbul and Ankara for road improvements to the region the most appropriate way, Afyon - Burdur - ... More
Yapmadan Dönme Without rotation
Scattered in every corner of the ancient city of Antalya gezmeden, Antalya without seeing the museum, without going Saklıkent'e, Kaleici and Old Antalya without seeing the house, Akseki District Kardelen flowers in the ... More
Yaylalar Plateaus
Finike-Elmali highway 41st kilometresinden batıya (sola) dönülerek 6 km. kilometers to the west (left) is 6 km returnway to get stabilized. In the summer months to reach by minibuses from Finike ... More
İnanç Turizmi Faith Tourism
Fluted minaret (Alaaddin Mosque, Center) is in the city center of Antalya. In 1230 the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubad'ın from the church into a mosque minaret is the Alaaddin.Fluted minaret, ... More